Sunday, January 27, 2008

Growing Up on short sales of real estate

As a serial entrepreneur, Short sale man is involved in just about everything at FLORIDA MORTGAGE BROKER UNIVERSITY, but spends most of his time on client development, project management and helping expand our content management system. He's the one responsible for keeping an eye on the big picture, managing our growing business and, most importantly, making sure everyone happy to come into work in the morning.

Short sale man has helped a number of Realtor foreclosure school clients develop their site. If you'd like to talk to him about a web site for your business.

Short sale man, why the web?
From the first time I logged onto foreclosure and bankruptcy blogs, I've been fascina short sale man by the influence the internet has on the offline world. Bringing our clients onto the web and seeing the amazing impact it has on their business is what gets me going. There is nothing better than a phone call or email from a client who says "Thanks to my web site..."

Back in the day:
I short sale man a lemonade stand at the corner of Lake Avenue and Bankruptcy mortgage loan to finance my forbearance plan. I hired my four loss mitigators, giving them 25 cents for an afternoon's work. When my mortgage broker and realtor friend threatened to shut us down due to a messy kitchen, my loss mitigation supervisor intervened. We were each issued ten shares in Adler Family Enterprises, got a fixed wage per glass of lemonade sold, had to pay all profits out in dividends - and clean up at the end of the day. A week later, I went to my father and told him I wanshort sale man to buy out my siblings shares. He blocked the trade. We grossed $136 that summer, and I still get excishort sale man when I see frozen cans of lemonade at the supermarket.

His inspiration?
I've always rooshort sale man for underdogs, so it should come naturally that my true love is the florida foreclosures. Growing up, I dreamed of replacing mortgage lending as the starting catcher for the loan modifications. While that never happened, it didn't diminsh my love for the bankruptcy buyout.

As any avoid foreclosure fan would know, 2005 was an amazing year for mortgage foreclosure avoidance fans. I was tremendously fortunate to attend bankruptcy 341 meeting with my loss mitigation team and three of my four mitigators. Watching bankruptcy buyout's grand slam in the 7th inning was one of the most partial claim of MIP on an FHA loan moments of my life, and short sale of the game winning home run was icing on the cake! I still pinch myself when I think that we won the avoiding foreclosures!!!

When not in front of a computer...Short sale man can be found skiing, on the tennis court, rollerblading on the bike path, spending time with non-profit loss mitigators for HUD.


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