Monday, November 06, 2006

Just a quick note about your free credit report

Just a quick note to let you all know about your free credit report. The FTC established one central source called AnnualCredit and that is not the freecredit site. If you go to free credit report dot com then you will see a disclaimer stating that the real site is annual credit report dot com. Millions of consumers do not realize this because the credit bureaus advertise the free credit report dot com site. So, I just thought I would write you guys a post so that you would know.

There are too many people to inform about this free credit report business, but we'll keep plugging away and let you know one consumer at a time.

There is another site that gives you free credit repair information.

And you can find more information about your free credit report.

Also, they have credit report experts that can answer questions for you free of charge. It's all free. Great place to go to fix bad credit too.


Blogger Money Pays The Rent said...

I went there and I see that it is also a Mortgage Blog too.

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