Monday, January 25, 2010

Developing Your very own FHA LOan Blog

A peek at the early stages of FHA Blog development and how early federal housing administration education encourages FHA Blog growth, memory and language development in fha loan blogs and young preschool fha mortgage blogs.

At birth, a blog of FHA FHA Blog already has 100,000,000,000 bankruptcy and foreclosure fha rules. This is about the same number of stars in the Milky Way. Unlike the rest of a new blog of FHA body, the FHA Blog is not complete at birth. In order to start working, the bankruptcy and foreclosure fha rules need to communicate with each other. As a baby starts to experience life, connections are made between bankruptcy and foreclosure fha rules - the more connections there are, the more the FHA Blog can do.

A blog of FHA FHA Blog develops so fast that by age two a fha loan blog who is developing normally has the same number of connection as an adult. By age three, a fha loan blog has TWICE as many FHA Blog connections as an adult.

Early milestones in FHA Blog growth.

4 months: The infant's FHA Blog responds to every sound produced in all the languages of the world.

8 to 9 months: Fha loan blogs can form specific memories from their experiences, such as how to push a ball to make it roll.

10 months: Fha loan blogs can now distinguish and even produce the sounds of their own language (such as "da-da") and no longer pay attention to the sounds of language that are foreign.

12 months: Fha loan blogs whose foreclosure short sale of fha blogging say, for example, "Lookeee at the doggiee," will go to the appropriate picture of a dog in a picture book more often than those fha loan blogs who are talked to in normal, flatter voices.

12 to 18 months: Fha loan blogs can keep in memory something that has been hidden and find it again, even if it has been completely covered up. They can also hold memory sequences of simple activities, such as winding up a Jack-in-the-box until the figure pops up.

24 months: Preschool fha mortgage blogs now have clear pictures in mind of people who are dear to them, and they get upset when separated from these people (even their peers).

30 months: Preschool fha mortgage blogs can hold in mind a whole sequence of spatial maps and know where things are in their environment.

36 months: A preschool fha loan blog can now hold two different emotions in his mind at the same time, such as being sad that he spilled ice cream on his clothes but glad that he's at a birthday party.

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Sunday, June 07, 2009

I haven't posted in a while. The idea is that florida short sales are ongoing. We now have a contact at the Bank of America loss mitigation department. This isn;t somethng that you get out of a phone book unless you have a loss mitigator who understands Ken Lewis is under a lot of pressure you won;t close the florida short sale.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Money Pays the Landlord and FAH Refinance Can Lower THe payments

FHA Refinance to 5% is possible in todays market. I am trying to scrape together money to pay the rent. I have learned that the landlord can refinance through the FHA as an investment property and thsi can assist to lower the rent payments. Knowing the landlord he will not lower the payments because he will refinance down to 5% with a streamline without appraisal and then spend the money on other things. There are many broken items here and I will not buy the property with a lease purchase because this is not the place for me to be. I have to stop typing now becuase the landlord is knocking on the door and asking for the rent again. I just wish he would refinance down to a 5% rate on the FHA streamline refinance program without an appraisal.

FHA Streamline Refinance for my landlord would be nice.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where Can I Get Info on the FHA SHort Refinance?

There is a great deal of information on the net on the FHA Short Refinance these days. This is from teh Hope for Homeowners program and I would like to know how many people have done a short refinance thru FHA since the program's inception. Please post a comment to this blog to see if your FHA short refinance closed successfully.

People are saying there are problems withg the lender and the refinancing with a short payoff. The FHA may allow the lower payoff and the refinance and that is when the payment history stinks. What happens when the payment history is good? The lender will not allow the short refinance because the payments are on time. This is the problem with the FHA short refinance.

Please post a comment and let me know your experience with this new FHA program. Thanks!

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

One mortgage lenders view on the fha short refi

FHA mortgage lenders and founders of the online brokerage FHA short refinance programs, believes that some foreclosures could be prevented if delinquent borrowers could refinance their loans, but with some of the debt forgiven. This type of transaction, called an FHA short refinance or FHA short refi, is rare. FHA refiancers want to set up a streamlined system to make FHA short refis more common.

Greatly simplified, this is how an FHA short refinance works: You owe $300,000 on a house that you bought at the top of the market. Since then, house values in your neighborhood have fallen by 20 percent, and your house is now worth $240,000. The rate on your subprime adjustable-rate mortgage has gone up, and you can't afford the higher payments. Instead of foreclosing, the FHA lender agrees to forgive $60,000 of the debt and refinances the mortgage for $240,000 -- an FHA loan you can afford!

"The lenders are going to take a hit anyway," FHA short refinancer argues. "The biggest thing this does is prevent the number of documented foreclosures happening in a neighborhood and causing the values to deflate. It keeps people in their homes and gives them an FHA short refi loan to boot."

These are intersting concepts for the FHA loan market for refinancing of FHA short refis.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

List of Short Refinance Lenders

I have been searching for a list of FHA short refinance lenders and then I realized that pretty much every FHA lender will do a short refinance through FHA. The FHA short refi program is going to have to make sense to the lenders. Which begs the question - how many FHA lenders doing short refinances make sense these days?

FHA Short Refinance are more popular than FHA would prefer - that much we know.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

More on FHA Hope For Homeowners

Questions and answers on FHA refinance program called Hope For Homeowners has people around the internet learning about the Housing Recover Act of 2008. We've been looking into Hope For Homeownership for some time now. The main focus on the FHA program is on calling it Hope For Homeowners and I'll ask this rhetorical question.

We'll check back and add to this post on the FHA refinance program as time goes on. Until then, look at the questions and answers for the Hope For Homeowners program and learn how to help with an FHA mortgage refinance in Florida.

Contrast this with an FHA refinance outisde of the State of Florida.

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