Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Details of Bad Credit

The details of bad credit are few and far between. Bad credit is not good. The opposite of good crdit is bad credit. This is not to say that there isn't in-between credit and varying levels of credit therein.

Let me state for the record that bad credit is bad whether it belongs to someone or someone else. The fact is that if it is showing on your credit report and it is bad credit then it is not helping one bit. The bad credit hurts the FICO score. The bad credit can be removed if it is wrong or outdated. In both cases the bad credit needs to go and leave your credit report.

Bad Credit Report
Bad Credit FICO
Bad Credit Mortgage

These are the bad credit scenarios that one may eventually have to deal with. If bad credit is not good then take a look to see if it is your bad credit or someone else's bad credit. If the bad credit belongs to someone else then get that bad credit off of your credit report.

Fix Bad Credit


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