Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Say, Where Did All That Bad Credit Go?

Say, Where did all that bad credit go? The bad credit was here a little while ago and now it's gone from the credit report. Fascinating! Let me look on page two of the credit report. Perhaps the bad credit is on page two of the credit report. No, it's not on that page of the credit report or on any page of the credit report. The bad credit is gone.

I thought my mortgage payment was past due. Wasn't my mortgage payment late? Was the mortgage payment on time or was it late? It looks like the mortgage credit repair worked after all. The credit repair mortgage loan worked very well. Thanks to everyone in the mortgage department for helping me with the free credit repair on my mortgage.

Where is the interest rate on my second mortgage? is the interest rate on the seller held second mortgage lower than the advertised bank rate? Yes, it is lower on the seller financing than the bank. This is good. I have no bad credit, my interest rate is low and my mortgage is on time.

Get mortgage loan with bad credit. Mortgage bad credit is one place to consider. Of course, the bad credit is a factor in the FICO scoring system, but you must learn that the credit score is Classic FICO and not Vantagescore.

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Yes, quite interesting, it is a Mortgage Blog of sorts and that certainly deals with bad credit and credit repair predominantly. Oh, and a little fixing of the bad credit never hurt anyones FICO score either, I presume.

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