Saturday, November 11, 2006

I Don't Know of Anyone Else Doing This?

I'm not quite sure if this has ever been done before? Well, maybe it has and I just don't get out that much. Be that as it may, I'll let you folks know about this information I found that can help you to improve your credit score and it's free.

There is a site that has free credit repair information. Like a whole book on this credit repair stuff all sorted by categories. If you had a bankruptcy or a a mortgage late payment or collections or even if you didn't have any bad credit at all and just wanted to know how to improve your score - it's all categorized and searchable. Anyway, that's not what I wanted to write to you about. I wanted to let you know about this 30 minute seminar called Raise Your Credit Score. It's free and it tells you all of the information that these credit repair companies make you pay hunbdreds or even thousands of dollars for. And they give it away free - no catches.

OK, so check it out at free credit repair


Blogger Money Pays The Rent said...

OK, this is looking like shamelss promotion to me. I think this is the kind of stuff that Donald trump does to promote himself. Good credit is better than Bad Credit

2:52 PM  

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