Thursday, May 15, 2008

Funding FHA Loans under 620 credit scores

Under 620 credit scores for fha is possible with a low credit score fha lender. You must apply the 1003 with a low fha credit score lender. This may involve a 92900 and a direct endoresement underwriter with a manual underwrite below a 620 credit score. It can be done.

FHA credit scoring below 620. Someone told me you suffer from low credit score syndrom. Is that true? If not, then pass the fha loan to someone with a manual underwriter who knows how to read an fha credit report with a low credit score. One final question for you. Do you have a low credit score and are you trying to get an fha loan? Keep trying for an fha mortgage loan and one day you will find a lender who funds fha loans with low credit scores.



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