Sunday, March 16, 2008

FHA Mortgage Loans, Appraisals, and Property Flips

You can buy a property FHA and that property can be a flip. There are a few things ot watch out for if you do buy a flip and get an FAH loan. One thing to look for is the length of time that the property was owend by the previous owner. This is importnant if the previous owner hasn't owned the proeprty for a long time and you are getting an FHA loan.

The FHA loan requires the apprisale meet certain requirements when you are buying a flip. This is to protect HUD and to protect the FHA buyer who is the borrower on an fha loan. You do not want to get an fha loan on a flip unless you make sure the fha requirements for a flip are met.

FHA requirements fo appraisals on flipped properties.

Locate FHA loans and lenders that offer fha loans on real estate at good prices.

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