Monday, October 30, 2006

Whoop! Whoop! The Credit Repair Alam Has Sounded!

Pay attention to this! Pay attention to this! The credit repair alarm has sounded. How can you not hear that bad credit FICO alarm going off in your ear? The credit report and credit score that makes credit repair possible and as if that weren't enough - the credit repair is free!

Yes, free credit repair is better than any credit restoration program that costs money. You will get the free credit repair but you will still keep your money in the bank. Does it get any better than that? I think not. the credit report and free credit repair world is turning upside down. Whoop! Whoop! There it goes again. The credit repair alarm has sounded.

I better get out of this building before the credit report police come and get me and take my FICO score to new heights. An 850 FICO is high enough I say. An 850 FICO is too high mind you. Wow that FICO sound is deafening and it's the credit restoration alarm that is ringing in my ears. FICO, credit report, credit repair, and credit restoration all have this is common - they are all FREE! So, if you want more information on the free credit repair then I'm not sure where to advise you to go, but wherever you do go, make it fast.

Credit Repair Free

Friday, October 27, 2006

Yesterday's Housing Data

Some more news about the current state of affaris for real estate in the USA. Median home prices dropped year over year by a whopping 9.7%. This is a drop in housing value from September 2005 to Septemeber 2006. Once again, we realize that it is a buyer's market for real estate in the real estate marketplace. The real question about real estate is what to do to attract buyers in a buyers market and what should sellers be doing in a real estate buyers market? The answer can be found in the sellers second mortgage.

A seller second mortgage is a solution for real estate in today's buyer's market as it helps the buyers by bringing more of theses buyers into the marketplace. This is certainly good for the sellers of real estate as the second mortgage (also called owner financing on a second mortgage) is of quite a benefit. Let's consider the interest rate earned on a CD as opposed to the interest that can be earned on owner fincned seconds and then compare that to the interest that can be earned on a seller financed second mortgage.

This is of some consideration in a buyer's market becuase many are quite concerned with the interest rate on a seller held financing type of transaction. This is not much different than owner financed or for any type of mortgage held by the seller. Some might say that owner will carry but this is a little different than a lease-purchase agreement. the down payment can be held by the seller in the form of a seller second mortgage.

Lease-purchase or lease-option is the mortgage that is held by the seller in an owner financed type of loan. the owner is the mortgagee and the buyer is the mortgagor. the buyer effectively has two mortgage payments. One mortgage payment to the lender and another to the seller in the form of a seller held second mortgage. These are just a few of the options that are available to a buyer and a seller in a buyers market.

Owner Will Carry

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sellers Helping Buyers Buy Real Estate

Isn't is a great country that we live in? A country where sellers can actually help buyers to buy real estate. When the seller holds a portion of the selling price as a second mortgage then the seller is helping to do just that. this makes real estate investing as well as real estat agents very happy. This can all b accomplished with a seller held second mortgage.

Let's look at a seller second and owner financing collectively referred to as owner financed real estate. This is quite diffrenet than the institutional first mortgage that is obtained through bank financing. This is a seller held second mortgage. This type of owner financing on real estate is gaining in popularity and is effectively a 'win-win' for all parties involved and especially the buyer and seller.

Hence the term sellers helping buyers buy real estate. Wait a minute, there actually is a website geared toward this type of transaction. let's take a look at owner financing on that site.

Ok, gotta go, but keep in mind that you heard about sellers helping buyers on the moneypaystherent blog first!

Seller Financed Real Estate

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Owner Will Carry A Second Mortgage

OK, I've held my peace for too long in this crazy real estate world. Now, I must assert the true financing options available to buyers and sellers when owner will carry a second mortgage note. Strange you say? Perhaps and perhaps not in terms of real estate. The problem is the supply and demand curve for housing has real estate demand too low and this can be cured withs eller financed second mortgages.

Let's begin with owner financing basics. A seller sells to a buyer and the buyer can do one of three options:

1) Pay in cash

2) Obtain a traditional purchase money mortgage and pay the remained in cash

3) Obtain a first mortgage and have the seller hold a second mortgage

Let's think about the above three options for a moment. If we were in a seller's market (we aren't) then would a seller be willing to accept option #3. The anser is no, option #3 (seller held second mortgage) is not an option in a seller's market.

This means that buyers who could benefit from a seller held second mortgage, also called seller financing, seller seconds, owner will carry, owner financing and the like, are excluded from the real estate scene in a seller's market. Now, consider that we are in a buyers market. What do you suppose would happen to the demand for real estate if a seller was willing to entertain Option#3 (seller financing or seller second) for a buyer? I think the answer is simple: buyers would return to the real estate because of the seller held second mortgage.

So the way that I see this real estate showdown is in this way. Offer to finance a portion of the selling price as a seller held second mortgage and you will benefit from a happy buyer and a happy seller and this is what owner financing is all about.

For more information about owner carrying a second mortgage then please feel free to visit owner financed or

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Let's Talk About Seller Financing

I know very well that listing real estate agenst are having a hard time dealing withs ellers these days. Let's face it, the real estate market has changed considerably and it is no longer a sellers market - it is now a buyers market. This does not bode well for sellers and it is even worse if you happen to be a listing real estate agent witha sellers home or condo or other real estate listed on the MLS at one price and there are no buyers showing up to the open houses. Allright, so the cards are now on the table on the real estate board and we have thus far established that there are few to no buyers and millions and millions of sellers of real estate.

What makes it even worse is that listing real estate agents have to go back to their sellers and ask them to reduce the price of their real estate listing. Let's talk about taht for a second. If someone drives by a real estate sign and sees "new price" on the real estate sign then what do you think that buyer is going to thing? New increased price? Come on, that's not fooling anybode. There is spin control and there is spin control and let me tell you that the real estate marketplace has spun out of control. Let's get this back into more normalcy. here si how to do it - bring back the real estate buyers. How is this accomplished? Through seller financing, seller held seconds, owner finaincg and the like.

Here's how it works. The buyer qualifies for a new first mortgage for 80% or higher of the sale's price. the buyer can put down 0% to 5% and the seller holds the rest as second mortgage. the seller is the mortgagee and th buyer is the borrower of the second mortgage. This is owner financing and also seller held financing. There are of course, concerns that a seller may have in considering seller held second mortgages and the seller should consult a real estate attorney before doing any seller financing.

Owner Will Carry